The only thing my bf and I fight about is sex.

Well the lack of sex really. I keep telling him that I’m not ready for sex sex yet but that I’m willing to try some other stuff. I mean Christ on a cracker I’m a 26 year old Virgin, who escaped her high school sweetheart with my virginity intact,?if that doesn’t spell out intimacy issues I’m not sure what does. Half the time it seems like he gets it but the a couple weeks go buy nothings happened he hasn’t suggested we try any thing and it start all over again. I know that I could be trying harder to say “hey, let’s go make out in nothing but our underwear and see where that takes us” but I’m also scared. I want to know that he’s willing to take the steps necessary to work with me and help me be more comfortable so that we can have sex and have a sexual relationship.

If there is one thing I want guys to learn about ‘flirting’ with women it’s that no one takes catcalls and whistling as a complement

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There are officially more guns in my house than I’m comfortable with





ABC’s new show, Galavant, for those who can’t get past the region lock on Youtube


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It is way to joy to be going anywhere on my bike without like 6 gallons of water. This is important to remember before I try to bike the 2/3 of a mile to Home Depot with oboe 1 bottle of water and almost pass out in the parking lot.

Wtf was up with that random x-men clip during the credits of tasm 2

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All good shows need a bromance filled with sassiness

I am all about this otp/brotp. I need more of these two in my life.

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Just press play

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Okay quick survey. Reblog this if you would see a Young Avengers movie

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I love these goofballs, I miss them so much when I’m in AZ

I love these goofballs, I miss them so much when I’m in AZ

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Both of these rings are so incredibly unique and neat.  I found them on etsy and I really like them.

the top one is absolutely perfect.

the bottom one… omg that’s beautiful




I want these so thank you for putting the link to them

It’s like… Legolas ring and then Galadriel ring…

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(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Reminder that Dylan O’Brien hides a body under all that plaid.  And what a body it is, ladies and gents

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au: Derek can see the darkness around Stiles’ aura
(kind of based on this theory)

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Tonya Ingram & Veness Marco - “Khaleesi”
Support the artists, watch the full poem!

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